BY Michael Light / On January 18, 2023

Emerging from its chrysalis, Coconut Grove is embracing its time in the limelight once more. Not only has the haven of foliage been named one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world by,  The Hollywood Reporter gives additional details on how the sleepy enclave has re-emerged as a modern hotspot after decades on the sidelines.

Imagine a quiet neighborhood that is located along a bay or harbor covered by a beautiful canopy of native trees and tropical flowers. There is a highway system nearby, making a trip out of the enclave quick and painless. You are surrounded by chic restaurants, a walkable entertainment district and a few beautiful residential and office towers designed by world-renowned starchitects. Prices are reasonable despite the fact that you also have historic waterfront estates that are luxurious enough for A-list celebrities while also being low-key enough for those who shy away from the limelight. The local school system is such that new residents position their purchases within bounds of the district just so their children are able to obtain a top-notch education in a tight-knit community. In addition to the internationally-focused public school, there are also a host of nationally-recognized top private schools to choose from. It is a place of security, luxury, and convenience without having to sacrifice personality. Quirkiness is encouraged and embraced. I have just described Coconut Grove. 

Coconut Grove, Florida

Coconut Grove, Florida

The Hollywood Reporter cites the prominence of Coconut Grove as being due to the village’s walkability. While this is a top factor in the draw to the neighborhood, it does not tell the whole story. Everything started with the renovation of CocoWalk, which began in 2015 when the outdoor entertainment area sold for $87.5 million. The new owners did away with the tired chain stores such as Cheesecake Factory, Victoria’s Secret and GAP, paving the way for a new era with $150 million of upgrades and modernization. At the time, we recognized that this was a much needed transition and today we are ever so proud of the results in the neighborhood we call home.

The renovation has proven to be successful, ushering in a new era for our peaceful community. As we still call the Grove home, our family is never at a loss for things to do. We can walk with our toddler-age daughter to the bayfront for any number of activities. There are always festivals and events such as the King Mango Strut, which made it’s post-COVID return last week and the Coconut Grove Arts Festival (coming up next month, stay tuned for details!).

Rather than eating from the same menu you might find in suburban Ohio, you will find a wide range of sophisticated fare from around the globe, and in proper form too! Two of the Grove’s popular eateries have recently received a Michelin Star. Los Felix offers indigenously-inspired bites of traditional Mexican recipes just around the corner from Coco Walk, with Ariete offering a bold revolving menu that pays homage to the chef’s Cuban heritage with French cooking techniques just a few minutes away.

Ariete Coconut Grove

Ariete Coconut Grove

Aside from the Michelin-listed restaurants, there are a host of other creative and authentic eateries in the village. Residents enjoy Amal for Lebanese fusion, BAKAN for a culinary tour of all regions of Mexico, Narbona for an European market feel, and an afternoon at Regatta Harbour will take you on a tour of the history of Coconut Grove.

The Real Estate in Coconut Grove

You might be wondering where all of these new Groveites are living. As it is our business, we stay on the cutting edge of all things residential in the Grove. We love making neighbors and seeing the community grow.

In the beginning, Coconut Grove was a cozy little community of Bahamian settlers, which is the reason that you will find many Bahamian-inspired homes in the area. As it became more settled in the 70’s and 80’s, townhomes began to pop up throughout the area with stately mansions lining the deep bayfront lots.

Today’s Grove has embraced this history and added a splash of modern appeal. Many of the original (non-historic) townhomes have been redeveloped into modern style with clean lines and energy and space-efficient designs. Condo towers began to pop up and have attracted luxury brands such as the Ritz Carlton and Mr. C Hotel and Residences. Starchitects arrived with cutting edge designs including the twisting towers of Grove at Grand Bay and the glistening amenity-filled Park Grove Residences. Boutique waterfront developments such as The Fairchild Coconut Grove and Residences of Vizcaya brought peace and tranquility to nearby waterfront sites. A-list celebrities, world-renowned artists, sports pros and international business executives live, work and play among the locals and all is well in the world in Coconut Grove.

We know because we live it every day. We embrace our community during its ups and downs and happily create neighbors, especially when the climate in Coconut Grove is as nice as it is today.

If you are interested in learning more about life in Coconut Grove, please contact Michael Light, Grove resident as well as Broker and Executive Director of Luxury Sales at Douglas Elliman Real Estate. We would love to have you as a neighbor.


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