BY Michael Light / On January 30, 2023

It’s finally happening! After years of back-and-forth between the City of Miami and the City of Miami Beach, the transit loop from the mainland to the beach is coming. NIMBY’s (people who want the change, just not in their backyard) have weighed in, as have the YIMBY’s (people who welcome the change whether in their backyard or not), and despite the fact that some changes will be needed, the new transit link is moving forward.

Previously, the plan was to incorporate a new monorail system to shuttle beachgoers from the mainland and was even proven to be less expensive to build than a Metromover extension, but this is no longer the case.

“When monorail was first proposed, the previous administration presented it as a solution that could save hundreds of millions of dollars over Metromover. In the recent negotiations, however, the price ballooned to $1.3 billion,” said District 5 Commissioner Eileen Higgins. “We now believe we can get what the residents want – a one-seat ride between Downtown and the Beach by extending our existing Metromover – at a lower cost. That’s why we’ve decided expanding the Metromover is the best option.”

The plans are already in motion with the Department of Transportation and Public Works staff working to advertise, evaluate and negotiate the new solution by October of this year. The project design and delivery are due in 2024 and construction is set to begin in 2025. By the time Five Park on Miami Beach is open, we should be able to shuttle ourselves over without having to worry about traffic on the Causeway.

“My administration is committed to providing our residents with innovative transit solutions that better connect residents to jobs and opportunity, while delivering maximum value to taxpayers,” said Mayor Daniella Levine Cava. “I have always supported a one-seat ride for Baylink, and I’m proud that we are now moving forward with a seamless extension of the Metromover to provide the best experience to residents and visitors at a significantly lower cost.”

Won’t that be something?!



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