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BY Michael Light / On May 21, 2024

The transformative redesign of the I-395/I-95 interchange in Downtown Miami is taking shape with the first arch of the new Miami Signature Bridge being completed this week.

Called the I-395/SR836/I-95 Design-Build Project in an official sense, the overall undertaking is transformative in many ways. Not only will the roadway redesign alleviate traffic, improving the flow of vehicles and the safety of transportation in one of Miami’s busiest interchanges, it will also serve to tie the surrounding neighborhoods together rather than separating them. And the icing on the cake is the Signature Bridge’s contribution to Miami’s ever-evolving skyline.

Rendering of Downtown Miami Signature Bridge

Rendering of Downtown Miami Signature Bridge

The Florida Department of Transportation is spending $840 million on this redesign and rebuild that will help the city to grow more seamlessly.

About the Miami Signature Bridge

Miami’s new Signature Bridge is a design feature as well as an architectural component of the design with six arches being built to reduce the number of columns necessary underneath the new double-decker interchange. Each of the arches ranges in height from 180 to 330 feet above the ground, according to The Next Miami.

This portion of the project (also known as The Fountain) spans 1,025 feet across the roadways. Although it is a functional portion of the roadway project, the Signature Bridge was designed to draw attention to Miami’s center for the arts and tie together the local sub-communities.

HDR has been tapped as the engineer of the project and has worked with local partners on an added amenity – The Miami Underdeck. You can find specifics on the bridge construction on HDR’s website.

Construction Progress of Miami Signature Bridge May 2024

Construction Progress of Miami Signature Bridge May 2024 | Photo Courtesy of Matt Hirsch

About The Miami Underdeck

Dubbed The Underdeck and Heritage Trail, over $60 million in funding has recently been awarded in order to utilize the space below the Signature Bridge as an urban linear park not unlike The Underline in Brickell or the High Line in New York City.

“We are going to be opening up over 30 acres of community spaces, that will originate in Overtown, reconnecting to adjacent communities like Edgewater and Downtown. We just want everyone to know that progress is being made on this amazing project that not only includes the total re-construction of 395 but the double-decking of 836 from 17th Avenue to 1-95 and concrete replacement on I-95 from Northwest 8th Street to Northwest 29th Street,” Oscar Gonzalez, the Miami Signature Bridge’s Outreach Specialist told Local10 News this week.

Rendering of Downtown Miami Underdeck Park

Rendering of Downtown Miami Underdeck Park

While the construction itself presents headaches and growing pains, the local consensus is that the roadway redesign is much-needed and the addition of the new park space is very much welcomed.

Seeing these projects come together will create a seamless and manicured flow of space between Downtown Miami, Miami Worldcenter, Overtown, the Miami Arts and Entertainment District and Edgewater. While the separate neighborhoods have always been geographically close, sections of unattended space detracted from a sense of safety and security when traveling on foot or by bicycle.

For a complete writeup on The Underdeck, you can see our notes from earlier this spring, when they obtained their funding.

This is certainly a win for our city leadership, delivering something the community very much needs and has long desired. We are very excited to see this project come to fruition and enjoying the new amenities when The Underdeck and the Miami Signature Bridge open in 2027.

Image Credit: The Next Miami and Matt Hirsch

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