BY Michael Light / On September 4, 2023

If you have been walking in the Downtown Miami and Brickell area, you have probably encountered a team of friendly people in orange polo shirts. These are not the local police. They are the Downtown Miami Outstanding Angels Ambassadors, a team of helpers employed by the city to help people find their way safely.

What the Downtown Miami Outstanding Angels Ambassadors Do

If you are new in town or lost, or if you feel unsafe for whatever reason, the Ambassadors are available to assist you. They roam the streets of the urban core through Downtown Miami and Brickell, and are generally just available to help seven days per week. This is just one of many programs provided by the City of Miami in order to assure the safety and comfort of our residents.

They can direct you to the passport office, your designated consulate, restaurants and events and even just accompany you on your walk home so that you are not alone.
The Downtown Miami Outstanding Ambassadors work in conjunction with the City of Miami police force in order to provide non-emergency assistance and to be an additional pair of eyes on the streets. They are available to residents, tourists, businesses and employees in the area free of charge.

Downtown Miami and Brickell Safety

It has been brought up that a large factor of the mass migration of young professionals from cities like Chicago and New York has descended on the Miami in area in large part because of the safety and cleanliness of our city. The Downtown Miami Outstanding Angels Ambassadors are just one program that promotes this safety and cleanliness for residents and visitors.

They are also available to help with code compliance issues, parking issues, littering, panhandling and suspicious people. If a scenario is more serious than what they are able to help with, they will assist you in contacting the proper authorities.

You can contact the Ambassadors on their website seven days per week, and they also offer regular events to encourage engagement from the locals in the community.

Outstanding Ambassadors Downtown Miami Team

Outstanding Ambassadors Downtown Miami Team

Image Credit: FB/Outstanding Angels Ambassador Program

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