Infamous Icon Brickell Pool Scheduled to FINALLY Open November 21!

November 10, 2018 by Michael Light

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Icon Brickell Pool Deck

After 2 long years of construction on one of the most popular pool decks in Miami, Icon Brickell, FINALLY there is hope that the construction will be completed soon and the 2-acre pool deck will be re-opened.

Yesterday, the IconBrickell Concierge team, on behalf of the IconBrickell Master Association Board of Directors, emailed all residents an update on the dreadful pool situation at the Downtown Miami condo building and included a timeline. Specifically, the email reads:

Yesterday, the Master Association Annual and Organizational meetings were held. As a result of the election the Board President is Eugene Herrick, the Board Secretary is Charles Sieger and the Vice President/Treasurer is Jonathan Goldberg. Following the annual and organizational meetings, the Master Association held a Board Meeting to answer any questions about the pool project and the construction litigation. Information about the litigation, that is exclusive to owners, will be posted on the community website.

The Board has directed that the timeline and milestones to open the pool deck be shared and updated with the entire community. Each milestone and timeline will be confirmed as having happened as scheduled and if the desired result was achieved. If for any reason the milestone is not met, an explanation and updated timeline will be provided.

Date               Milestone

11/12              Garaventa to install the Handicap Access Lift (wheelchair lift)

Delivery, installation and sealing of 10 defective step lights. This item was not discussed in last night’s meeting as installation and sealing was scheduled for completion while the meeting was in progress. The lights were not delivered as promised.

11/12-20        Ongoing cleaning of the deck

11/13              Railing and Handicap Access Lift inspection

11/19              Electrical inspection

11/20              Fire Department and Health Department Inspections

11/21              Open – contingent upon milestones occurring as scheduled, inspections being passed, permits are closed and Certificate of Occupancy is issued/cleared.

Today’s (11/9/18) Update:

  1. Deck cleaning is in process today and will be ongoing throughout the weekend.
  2. Currently, Garaventa has not confirmed Monday’s wheelchair lift installation. We have another company coming out Monday to give us a quote for installation if Garaventa fails to show up.
  3. We are making a special request to the Fire Department for a pre-inspection walkthrough to assess any items that would prevent the Association from passing the actual Fire inspection.

The next update will be sent on Tuesday November 13th the latest.

The IconBrickell pool deck officially closed on December 5, 2016 for repairs, leaving residents with no other pool option. Although the IconBrickell Master Association told residents that it would only take 12 months for the renovations, here we are nearly 2 years later. So, we are all hoping, for real estate value sake, that the pool deck does re-open on November 21!


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