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Buyers...Don't Be Deceived By MLS Square Footage Data

I hear agents and brokers tell me quite frequently…”but, that’s common practice.” Just because something is so-called “common practice” in any industry, especially real estate in South Florida, does not necessarily mean it’s legal and/or ethical. For instance, it is “common practice” for listing agents to manipulate…

Help Selling Your Home

According to the National Association of Realtors (“NAR”) 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 72% of sellers select the first agent they interview to sell their home. That seems ridiculously high…just because an agent is “first through the door” doesn’t mean he/she is best suited to market your property for sale…

Green Street Cafe

Coconut Grove, locally known as “The Grove,” has become a hotspot for foodies, and as a resident of The Grove, I have to agree that we have some of the best restaurants in all of Miami. And, because there are so many to pick from, my team and I thought it would be fitting and helpful to give you our top picks of the…

Technology in Real Estate around the World

Developers in the South Florida real estate market need outside brokers, meaning brokers that do not work for the developer and have no association with a specific project, to sell their pre-construction condo projects, especially brokers that utilize technology marketing. Think about it…the more people marketing a…

Home For Sale

The Real Deal recently published an article dubbed “Beware of Agents Who Will “Buy” Your Listing,” and it proves to be a good read for those interested in selling a home in any real estate market in this country, but this especially holds true for sellers in South Florida…

One Thousand Museum Night Skyline

Miami Luxury Homes top pre-construction condo development picks for 2016 include 5 luxury condo projects that we think are the “Best Overall.” Our picks do not include the lowest price per square foot or the cheapest condos, because that doesn’t make a condo project the best choice. You have to consider the…

Miami is a Happy City, for Good Reasons!

November 30, 2014 by Michael Light

Since it’s the weekend of Thanksgiving, I think that it’s the perfect time to write about why people, including myself, are thankful and happy to live in this truly one of a kind, “Magic City,” Miami. Miamians are truly fortunate to live in such a beautiful city, but Miami has much more than just beauty […]

The Miami Luxury Homes A-List

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