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3755 South Douglas Road

Top 3 Coconut Grove Homes For Sale Under $1.5M

January 21, 2017 by Michael Light

Coconut Grove, known to locals as “The Grove,” has endured a grand revitalization over the past few years and has quickly become one of the hottest and most-sought-after neighborhoods in South Florida, and the real estate market reflects just that…prices have gone up-up-up! But, families are trying to move into The Grove without…

Hammock House

Erik Spoelstra just put his Coconut Grove home on the market after purchasing it less than 8 short months ago, and everyone is speculating where he is going to move now, and we have the perfect place for Mr. Miami Heat and his new bride to call home…Hammock House! So, Erik, we know you love Coconut Grove, so what do you think about a one-of-a-kind…